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Monday, December 28, 2009

Great Queen Seondeok TV Series, The (2009)

King Jinpyeong did not have any sons to name as a successor to his throne. Thus he named his daughter, Princess Duk Man, to be his successor. The drama will be about the life of Princess Duk Man who was later known as Queen Seon Duk, the first Queen of Silla.

With epic battle scenes and a star-studded cast, the Great Queen Seondeok is the follow-up period drama to MBC Lee San, Wind of the Palace and Prince of Legend for 2009! Writer Kim Young-hyun of Jewel in the Palace fame will be the main writer of this new TV miniseries. A biopic of Queen Seondok, who was born a princess and later became the ruler of Silla, leaving behind many shining achievements.

During the Three Kingdom period of Korea... Deokman (Queen Seondeok's childhood name) was born as a twin but she was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Chonmyong to oppose Mi-shil who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom and in a secret feud, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. But being very intelligent, Princess Deokman enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

You're Beautiful (Drama - 2009)


Tae Kyung and On Yu are in search of a new member for their idol group, A.N.JELL. However, Mi Nam suffers an injury at the last moment. So Mi Nyu, his twin sister, is asked to step in for her brother. The rest of the drama follows the behind-the-scenes life of an idol group.


Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
Park Shin Hye Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female)
Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy
Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Boys Over Flowers TV Series (2009)

Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry cleaning store located near the luxurious and well known Shin Hwa College. Jan Di meets the four richest and most spoiled boys known as the F4. After saving a boy from jumping off the roof of Shinhwa High School, she is admitted into the school on a swimming scholarship. Jan Di tries to avoid confrontation with the F4 at all cost because she knows what happens to those that stand against them. However, when Jan Di's friend, Oh Min Ji, accidentally gets ice cream on the leader of the F4's shoes, she's forced to declare war on the leader of the F4, Goo Joon Pyo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Zhao Anna: The very little parents double perish,foster paternal grandmother which she grows up also when her 12 years old died,has the big pen the inheritance.Because does not have the family member,only some crowd settles on her property relative.After therefore causes her to grow up,arrogant turned to be arrogant did not understand symathized the person,only could the others when the servant looked rampant woman.Her only family member,her husband billy all wholeheartedly wants to leave she.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

18 VS 29~ Korean Drama Boxset

Relive your youth in the hilarious and heart-warming Korean Drama Eighteen, Twenty Nine!
Yoon Hye Chan (Park Sun Yong, KBS Best supporting Actress Winner for Oh! Phil-Seung, Bong Soon-Young) is a twenty-nice year-old wife whose marriage is on the rocks.
Her husband Kang Sang Yeong (Ryu Soo Young) is the "Handsome King", a popular commercial film model and entertainer, but Hye Chan wants to be rid of him! She speeds to court to file for divorce, but the unthinkable happens; she gets into an accident, and reawakens from her trauma with the mind of an eighteen year-old girl!


Her Royal Highness,the Queen,is still unwed despite being in her early thirties.Since she is an only daughter with no prospect of bearing a child in the foreseable future,the royal succession is left in uncertainty when the current heir to the throne mets a sudden death.
Seizing the opportunity afforded by this crisis,the conservative faction,which presently holds sway at the Court,begins plotting for the crown.Sensing the threat,the Queen secretly searches for a new Crown Prince outside the palace walls and discovers Lee Hu,a young man who has been making his living by delivering Chinese food,in complete ignorance of his royal heritage. Hu,who has never even dreamed of becoming the King,is unexpectedly ushered into the palace and subjected to strict training to become the royal heir.
This is where the main action of " Prince Hours S " Hu is forced to compete with Lee Jun,the perfect candidate for Crown Prince strongly backed by the extended royal family......

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