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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Zhao Anna: The very little parents double perish,foster paternal grandmother which she grows up also when her 12 years old died,has the big pen the inheritance.Because does not have the family member,only some crowd settles on her property relative.After therefore causes her to grow up,arrogant turned to be arrogant did not understand symathized the person,only could the others when the servant looked rampant woman.Her only family member,her husband billy all wholeheartedly wants to leave she.

Zhang Zhe Xiu: An ordinary ordinary man,is managing between a scale extremely small company with the friend.Three nephew which because must foster which died elder brother stays behind,has lived is very difficult.The first love sweetheart also left for this he.
Was this irrelevant two people has actually met,vulgarly to could not vulgar lose recalls the plot,played the fresh idea.Loses arrogant woman and insenstitive man which recalled,has deducted a lively love comedy.

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