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Sunday, January 25, 2009

18 VS 29~ Korean Drama Boxset

Relive your youth in the hilarious and heart-warming Korean Drama Eighteen, Twenty Nine!
Yoon Hye Chan (Park Sun Yong, KBS Best supporting Actress Winner for Oh! Phil-Seung, Bong Soon-Young) is a twenty-nice year-old wife whose marriage is on the rocks.
Her husband Kang Sang Yeong (Ryu Soo Young) is the "Handsome King", a popular commercial film model and entertainer, but Hye Chan wants to be rid of him! She speeds to court to file for divorce, but the unthinkable happens; she gets into an accident, and reawakens from her trauma with the mind of an eighteen year-old girl!

Suddenly, Hye Chan is back in the nineties, when she was a sassy, silly teenager.
She reverts to a time when she still listened to popular dance group Seo Tae Ji and Kids, and was in love with her senior Jeong Shi Woo. She also despised Kang Bong Man, the most popular guy at school, because she thought he was shallow. Bu Kang Bong Man would become an actor one day, and would change his name to Kang Sang Yeong, her future husband! For Sang Yeong, seeing his wife revert to their high school days changes him, and he strives to mend their shattered marriage. But as Hye Chan's memory slowly returns, will she go through with her plans to divorce Sang Yeong? Or will being 18 again change her life when she's 29 ?

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